Welcome to Toshimaya Apartments.
If you are looking for an apartment or parking space in Itabashiku Tokyo, please use us by all means.
We have all kinds of apartments from a studio type to a house. You will be able to find an apartment suitable for your needs.
Moreover, in our company, all employees are keeping the 'visitor principle' in mind. You will find our staff committed to
customer service and willing to help make your time in Japan as easy and enjoyable as possible.
[ Apartments ]
This is our introduction page to the various apartments we have.
We are preparing various types of apartments from a studio type to a house.
You can confirm viewings, room arrangements and furnishings.
Virtual 3D models of our apartments are here. Please feel free to take a tour our apartments.
[ Parking ]
This is the introduction page of the parking spaces we have and their locations.
We have 72 parking spaces in total, near to all of our buildings.
Our parking lots can hold everything from a compact car to a 2 ton truck.
If you rent a parking lot together with an apartment, we will discount 5,000 yen.
[ Vacant Information ]
You can check the present vacancy information here.
[ Our Services ]
Here is the introduction page of our services.
You can expect about the same service as a hotel; 24-hour emergency help, package delivery, etc.
You can use our internet cafe for 5 yen a minute as well as other services, all at discount prices.
[ Online Reservation ]
The search for an apartment begins with a viewing.
You can schedule and reserve a room viewing on-line
Please input all required information into our reservation form and send it to us.
We will inform you of the day which the apartment can be viewed by E-mail within 48 hours.
[ Access ]
Here are the directions and commuting times to our company.
Kami-Itabashi is just six stations away from Ikebukuro station on the Tobu Tojo Line.
You will be able to make good commuting time, with access to Ikebukuro only 13 minutes away and Tokyo
station only 45 minutes away!!
You can confirm room

arrangement and equipment.
There are 72 parking

lots in all.
First of all, please check

vacant information.
Network cafe is

extremely popular.
Let's reserve inspection,
if you checked
vacant information.
It is on foot 7 minutes to

an Kami-Itabashi station.
Special Information !!
If you have the printed hard copy of this screen at the time you make a contract, 1,000 yen will be discounted from the monthly rent.
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